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  • Car Charger Micro USB
  • Car Charger Micro USB
  • Car Charger Micro USB

PowerJolt Mobile for Micro USB devices


Charge your smartphone in your car

Griffin's PowerJolt Mobile sports a low-profile plug for your car's 12 volt accessory outlet, and a powerful 10 watt charging circuit so your mobile devices and smartphones can power up quickly and safely.

A durable captive coiled cable with a micro-USB connector easily reaches up to 30 inches (a generous 76.2 cm). Plugs are small and easy to grip, and able to fit in even the most restrictive of ruggedizes cases, including Griffin's own Survivor cases.

With its built-in, self-resetting SmartFuse, PowerJolt Mobile guards against power fluctuations as it charges.


  • Small plugs are easy to fit in tight case openings
  • Coiled cable stretches to 30 inches (76.2 cm)


  • 10 watt charger safely powers any micro-USB compatible smartphone or mobile device
  • SmartFuse protects with a built-in circuit breaker; no fuses to replace