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Drop protection meets self-expression. With hundreds of hot looks, one of them is all you.

Create Your identity

Check out the Summer collection. Or build your own.

Identity, iPhone 5, Static, Grey/White

 -  Identity for iPhone 5/5s, Static

Identity, iPhone 5/5s, Dots All Folks, Black/Clear

 -  Identity for iPhone 5/5s, Dots All Folks

Identity, iPhone 5, Cabana, grey/white

 -  Identity for iPhone 5/5s, Cabana

Protective Bumper

Protects your phone from 4-foot drops. Hybrid 2-material frame protects edges and corners. Raised rim keeps your touchscreen clean and unscratched when lying facedown.

Stylish Back

All Identity backs and frames are interchangeable, so you can have a closet full of mixable, matchable looks that always suit you no matter what your style.