• Reveal Case for BlackBerry Z10
  • Reveal Case for BlackBerry Z10

Reveal for BlackBerry Z10


Product Information

Reveal is our ultra-thin yet protective case for BlackBerry Z10.

Reveal adds synthetic rubber edge protection all around, where your BlackBerry needs it most, and a thin clear shell for the back that hides none of the phone's elegant design. Reveal is carefully crafted so that it never gets in the way of the BlackBerry Z10's edge-to-edge touchscreen. Its sleek, one-piece design shields your BlackBerry from the indignities of the outside world, yet adds only a little over a millimeter in thickness. Reveal is always-there protection that's almost invisible, for your BlackBerry Z10.


  • One-piece polycarbonate back protection with ultra-thin rubber edging
  • Super-slim shell adds just 1.6 mm in thickness to your BlackBerry Z10
  • Allows full edge-to-edge access to touchscreen, controls, and ports