SmartTalk Bluetooth for iPhone

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Product Information

All Bluetooth earpieces are not created equal. Introducing SmartTalk Bluetooth, with dual microphone design and industry-leading noise-cancellation technology from STEP Labs, Inc., to filter out and ignore wind and external noises.

Smart tech from StepLabs compares the sound from twin built-in mics to tell the difference between your voice and background noise, and filter it out. The result? Your voice sounds clear and natural on the other end. A comfortable, sound-isolating in-ear fit makes incoming conversation easier on your end, as well.

Great sound is only half the story. We've added human voice confirmations to make SmartTalk easy to set up and use. No more beeps and bleeps; instead a pleasant, human voice confirms every operation.


  • 30 to 50 dB signal-to-noise improvement
  • Industry-leading noise-cancellation from STEP Labs and dual-microphone design eliminates unwanted noise
  • In-ear fit and sound isolation guarantees inbound audio clarity
  • Human voice confirmations in English or French (user-selectable) and super-simple setup
  • AC wall charger with micro USB cable

SmartTalk Bluetooth with PowerJolt Bundle

SmartTalk Bluetooth comes bundled with our justly-famous PowerJolt 12 volt auto charger, so you can charge from your car's accessory outlet.