Courier Band for iPod nano (6th gen.)


Product Information

Keep your iPod nano close at hand.

On top of everything else it can do, the Multi-Touch display on your 6th generation iPod nano can display a clock's face. So why not take the next logical step and create a case that lets you wear your iPod nano like a wristwatch? Great idea. Done.

Courier Band is an adjustable watch strap and case for your iPod nano in one. Strap on thick adjustable band and keep your iPod nano close at hand. A flexible frame surrounds and protects the Multi-Touch display and controls on your iPod. We've built in an opening for your earphone cable, of course. And you can use the Sleep/Wake button and volume controls through the flexible frame wall.

Your new iPod nano is small enough to wear like a wristwatch. Courier Band makes it possible.


  • Built for active use
  • Wear your iPod nano (6th generation) like a wristwatch
  • Structural frame surrounds and protects your iPod nano but leaves the Multi-Touch display and headphone jack accessible
  • Great for running, hiking and other outdoor uses