• WoodTones Aux Cable, beech
  • WoodTones Aux Cable, beech
  • WoodTones Aux Cable, beech
  • WoodTones Aux Cable, beech

WoodTones Aux Cable


Real wood and really great audio go together.

That's why Griffin makes the exceptionally great-sounding and great-looking WoodTones earphones. And now, you can have audio cables that match.

The boots around these cable connectors, generously sized for easy grip, are fashioned from real wood, available in:

  • Walnut- Wood from walnut trees, used in making of fine furniture, gunstocks, and decorative pieces, with distinctive wood grain and rich, dark coloring.
  • Sapele- Also known as aboudikro, wood from African sapele trees, used for making musical instruments, reminiscent of mahogany, with distinctive grain and coloring.
  • Beech- Wood from beech trees, with clear wood grain and light coloring.

Between the gold-plated connectors, three feet of smooth, supple, black TPE-coated cable resists kinking and tangling. This great-looking auxiliary audio cable allows direct connection from your player's headphone or line-out jack to your stereo's AUX-in. Use it with your iPod, iPhone, iPad, other media player, or anything with a headphone or 1/8" audio jack.

The cable comes with its own drawstring carrying pouch made of natural hemp fiber. Each WoodTones cable is a one-of a kind artifact with individual wood grain and natural wood coloring polished to a soft satin finish.


  • Real wood encloses connectors with unique wood grain and color
  • 3 foot (0.9 meter) TPE-jacketed cable
  • Gold-plated 1/8" (3.5 mm) plugs for clear sound
  • Drawstring bag made of natural hemp fiber
  • Connect any audio source to your car or home stereo's AUX jack for the best possible sound