• SeeSaw for iPad 2, 3, & (4th gen), citron
  • SeeSaw for iPad 2, 3, & (4th gen), citron

SeeSaw for iPad 2, 3, & (4th gen)


Product Information

The perfect solution for using your iPad with classrooms and other small groups

Whether you're using iPads in your classroom for videos, apps or e-textbooks, you need an easy way to protect the iPad, prop it up for easy viewing and share the screen with others. That's why we built SeeSaw.

Our SeeSaw for iPad is an elegantly simple solution to the mechanics of using your iPad — or a whole fleet of iPad tablets — while sitting or standing at a desk or table. Insert your iPad and the SeeSaw holds it at just the right angle, in portrait or landscape, for your eyes and hands.

Self-supported in our SeeSaw, a single iPad tablet lends itself to use by classrooms, lab and study groups. The SeeSaw is designed to support your iPad tablet's abilities as a computing and multimedia platform, for individuals and groups, by enhancing its presence and stability on the desktop.

The SeeSaw is lightweight, portable, and constructed of a nonporous material that's easy to clean... the indispensable accessory for your iPad on your desktop.


  • Stable support for viewing, tapping and typing
  • Quickly and easily switch between portrait and landscape orientation without removing your iPad from the workstation
  • Full access to the tablet's ports, cameras, speakers and controls
  • Built-in holder for stylus (not included)
  • Built-in carrying handle makes it easy to move from desktop to desktop
  • Made of nonporous, lightweight material, easy to sanitize and keep clean