LightBoard Trace

SKU: CA28013

Make your own coloring pages!

Kids: color, draw, learn to write your name and more on your iPad (or on your parent's iPad, as the case may be) with our LightBoard Trace App for iPad.

With the Griffin LightBoard protective case, your iPad becomes a portable art table. It serves up things to draw, pages to create and color, even a game that teaches you how to write your name and phone number... and lots more.

Parents: With the Griffin LightBoard Case, you can feel safe(r) about letting your child play with your iPad. Let your kids use it with the LightBoard Trace app. It's a creative, learning activity for your kids, and you'll score some cool art for your cubicle or refrigerator along the way.


Just launch LightBoard Trace, slide a piece of paper into the case's clipboard frame, and your child is off in search of their inner artist. Voice prompts and animations guide kids through eight different activities:

  • Fishy Friends: Draw your own sea creatures.
  • Robot Mixer: Build your own 'bots.
  • Back Yard Bugs: Bugs in the house? No problemo.
  • Dot 2 Dot: The coloring classic.
  • Who at the Zoo: Lions, tigers, and bears ...and other zoo friends! Oh my!
  • Write It!: Learn to write your name, your phone number, and more.
  • Magical Mashup: What do you call something with the head of a dragon and the tail of a mermaid? We have no idea. But you can draw it.
  • Family Fun: Create coloring pages of everyone in your family.