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  • Clear iPhone 5c Case with pink | Color Basics Separates®
  • Clear iPhone 5c Case with pink | Color Basics Separates®
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Identity, iPhone 5c, Color Basics, pink/clear

SKU: GB39185

Back to basics, but never boring, our Color Basics cover the back of your iPhone 5c with color that's sure to make your new iPhone pop.

Identity cases protect your phone from four-foot drops. Our dual-material frame is made from color-keyed shock-absorbent rubber bonded to a hard polycarbonate plastic frame.

Identity cases are mix and match. Swap any Identity frame and back plate to create your own unique look, thanks to Identity’s interchangeable design.


  • Mix and match Identity frames and backs to create your own unique look
  • 4' drop protection; dual-material frame combines shock-absorbing rubber with hard polycarbonate to deflect impacts
  • Raised edge protects front screen and edge from chips and scratches
  • Accessorize with coordinating screen care and more at griffintechnology.com/identity (available separately.)


  • iPhone 5c