• TotalGuard: Clear for iPad 2 & 3
  • TotalGuard: Clear for iPad 2 & 3

TotalGuard: Clear for iPad 2, 3, and (4th gen.)

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TotalGuard is a new approach to screen and device protection.

With simple, no-mess installation, TotalGuard protection puts a layer of optical-grade PET stretch-, tear-, puncture-resistant film between your iPad screen and the cruelties of outside world without affecting the sensitivity of your touchscreen.

TotalGuard shrugs off fingerprints and smudges. And the film's micro-textured finish eliminates glare without affecting the touchscreen's image quality as you work, surf or watch video.

The TotalGuard package includes one reusable screen film, plus a premium microfiber polishing cloth to prepare your screen and an applicator card to smooth out bubbles for a perfect installation.

Don't just protect your touchscreen; TotalGuard it.


  • 100% clear optic-grade PET film is stretch-, tear-, puncture-resistant
  • 100% dry mount application, no mess, no liquid
  • Does not affect the sensitivity of your touchscreen
  • Includes microfiber polishing cloth and applicator card


  • iPad 2
  • iPad 3
  • iPad 4th gen.